Ep32: Collective Healing Pt. 1 with Lex Caron


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This week's episode will be brought to you in two parts because the conversation that transpired was nothing short of divine. J.Mix is joined by her fellow revolutionary friend and "mugician" Lex Caron, to discuss the importance of collective healing within community after this wave of election madness is over. Lex discusses their love for music and the unity it brings revolutionary families who take part in marches and rallies for civil rights. They also unpack their strong opinions on the passing of the "Louisiana Love Life" Amendment (#1) and what it means to the marginalized vagina owners and their families who will feel the effects of the state's decisions before the people in power ever will. Lastly, they begin to touch on the many facades of sex work and the ongoing struggle to de stigmatize the shame and malice of performing sexual acts for money.
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