Ep35: Here's to Friendship AND Benefits


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Whaddup TSAM Fam! This week, JD joins J.Mix in a "friendly" discussion on a multitude of uncomfortable but enlightening topics that aren't sex-related (yet). The "benefits" episode, where they go into details on their sexual relations with each other, is available exclusively for TSAM's Patreon subscribers. :P

J.Mix starts it off by discussing the contents of her anxiety and depression from this past week. She also reveals that she is finally inspired enough to make some new beats to roller skate with. Both J.Mix and JD discuss whether the news of Mayor Cantrell's 2021 Mardi Gras parade cancellation leaves them fazed or un-fazed.
For the "Pony Tales" They tale a tell about someone that they're not over.
OTHER TOPICS: Steven Crowder and why JD can't stand him. Dangers of FB debates and text arguments. Dangers of Extremism. Reflections on toxic things they have had to UNLEARN throughout their lives. "Representing morals through actions, not appearance." Why J.Mix is bitter about other peoples "milestones" and what she plans to do to take control of that. AND JD gives some important advice for celiac tourists that are looking to visit NOLA for the first time.
JD isn't really on socials, so if you have a question for him, just DM TSAM and we'll make sure to deliver the message in a timely manner.
If you wanna hear their "benefits" convo, go listen to "Chronicles of Sex and Nonmonogamy" on TSAM's Patreon!
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