606: Brad Flowers - 5 Steps to Finding a Name That Sells


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Everyone knows I love a good system. So when I came across a system for naming things, you know I had to do a deeper dive. There is so much more to finding a name than simply finding something you like. Getting the right name that matches your vision and that actually sells can be much trickier than one might think.

There are a lot of components to naming things. Whether it’s thinking about the URL, the meaning, pronounceability, connotations, or social media, finding the right name can set the tone for many things surrounding your business. Does your name indicate the level of investment customers are about to make? How can your name make your product the most desirable?

To lay out a system for successfully naming your business, I’ve brought on author of The Naming Book, Brad Flowers.

Brad Flowers co-founded Bullhorn, an agency that builds confident brands with language and design. He leads naming and language generation at Bullhorn. He has a degree in English literature, which he finds more useful than he expected.

Learn how to find a name that truly sells, by downloading this episode now.

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“We’re not only looking for a name we like, we’re looking for a name that works.” - Brad Flowers

Highlights -

    • Set your intention by setting a criteria for your name.
    • Names should be memorable.
    • You want something that’s easy to pronounce unless there is a strategy around it being difficult.
    • Jumpstart brainstorming by starting with a cliche, metaphor, or simile for what you do.
    • Obscure words can bring more meaning to messaging as well as a shorter URL.
    • Asking for feedback will ensure you’re not surprised by negative connotations to certain words.
    • Put the name into some kind of context when you’re getting feedback.
    • Building out the language around the name is important to see if it fits with the rest of the lingo of your ideal customer.

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