71. Why It's Okay to Ask for Help & Support


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Hey sis! Have you ever struggled to ask for help at work? With your day to day tasks? When you were going through a hard time? Did asking for help ever make you feel like a burden? If that's you you are NOT going to want to miss this episode, in this episode, we talk alllllll about why it's okay to ask for help and support. Click here to join my Patreon where you can get exclusive self love fix content like journal prompts, audio affirmations, and much more! Click here to join the no more codependent thought patterns masterclass! (or visit beatricekamau.com/ecourses) Click here to get your FREE copy of my Anatomy of Self Love workbook (or visit beatricekamau.com/selfloveworkbook) Comments? Thoughts? Business Inquiries? Email: hi@beatricekamau.com Feel like sending something? :) 2701 Del Paso Road Suite 130 #492 Sacramento, CA 95835 IG: @theselflovefix.

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