463: How To Gain Power With A Proactive Pause


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I know I’m not the only one who has experienced a massive regression into reactive tendencies during this wild season of life...

Look, I pride myself on being proactive instead of reactive. I coach on this. I thought I had it LOCKED DOWN.

But, throw me into a pandemic and a cultural revolution and, well, I’m often finding myself more reactive than I’d like AND feeling like my reactions are more emotionally charged than ever.

Just me?

Something I’ve been testing lately - with much constraint, because it is not coming easily or naturally, is using a proactive pause before allowing myself to react in a situation where I might be tempted to be less than my best self.

I can tell you these proactive pauses have given me so much more power and perspective each day - in the way I parent, the way I frame my day, the way I show up for conversations - all of it.

Listen in to learn 4 ways you can integrate proactive pauses into your daily life to gain power, manage emotion, and get what you want & need out each day.

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