464: Joyce Shulman: The Health & Wellness Crisis Moms Are Facing


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Joyce Shulman is a serial entrepreneur, idea junkie, addicted skier, and recovering attorney. As the founder and CEO of Macaroni Kid, she helped build a multi-million dollar media company that delivers hyper-local, community-focused content geared for moms in more than 570 communities across the US and Canada. Her decade of work with moms revealed two of the most pervasive challenges facing moms today: moms are lonely and are confronting a health and wellness crisis. Through extensive research and her own personal experiences, Joyce discovered that walking is magic for moms, and recently founded 99 Walks, a company on a mission to get a million moms moving.

Listen in to hear Joyce share:

  • The data that shows us the significance of the current loneliness epidemic and how it deeply impacts our physical health
  • The impact of motherhood on high achieving women
  • The health and wellness crisis facing moms specifically
  • The beauty and benefits of walking on your physical and emotional health
  • Her book, 99 Walks, that will inspire you through taking 99 walks to reconnect with yourself
  • Using walking as a gateway to rediscover your truest identity
  • Creative ways to use walking as COVID therapy - alone or with others

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