467: 3 Questions That Create Ease, Peace & Power


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When you know your core values, you can make decisions with ease, peace, clarity, and power. This is so freeing if you’re someone who has long struggled with analysis paralysis or decision fatigue.

How would it feel if you had a ton of clarity around what you want to say YES to and what you want to say NO to?

How would it feel if you could confidently express yourself without worrying about what others might think?

How would it feel to clearly understand and own who you are becoming as a woman, leader, mom, partner?

This would all feel so freeing and liberating right?

The key to creating and defining your core values is in asking yourself 3 simple questions. If you can think through these 3 questions, all the sudden so many answers will become clear, if not obvious for you.

I have been working on these 3 questions for about 5 years now and I have way less analysis paralysis when I’m making decisions. I worry so much less about other peoples’ opinions. And I can truly see exactly how I show up as a leader in all the different roles in my life. THIS IS POWER.

Listen in to learn these 3 questions and how to use them in your life to create and define your core values.

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