468: Larissa Maloney: How Racism in College Sports Shaped An Activist


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Larissa Maloney is a former professional beach volleyball player and owns an online fitness and wellness company that serves both home school and brick and mortar school families! Active Kids 2.0 specializes in kids classes(boxing, karate, yoga, cheer, gymnastics, ballet, jazz, hip-hop dance, toddler time, strength, cardio, and many more!) She’s a kid fitness equality advocate as well as a mental health and human rights advocate!

Listen in to hear Larissa share:

  • How she is stepping up to #sharethemic during this cultural revolution
  • The specific steps she’s taking to take care of herself as a black female leader, advocate, and mom during this time
  • How she has experienced racism throughout her life, often as the only black child and young woman in white spaces
  • What microaggressions are and the ones she has experienced repeatedly
  • The deeply painful experience she had as a college freshman, experiencing loud and blatant racism, without any allies supporting her
  • Specific steps you can take to be a better ally
  • The debates she has been having with other moms about anxiety in parenting white kids vs black kids
  • The super successful company she built in the pandemic to keep kids active in the most fun and engaging ways

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