470: Tonya Coleman: Party Planner, Mom of 5, Raising Activists


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Tonya Coleman is owner of Soiree-Event Design™, a full-service event planning, styling, and graphic design studio and founder of The Partypreneurs School of Party Planning™, a course & coaching program that teaches new and aspiring party planners how to transform their hobby into a money-making business. She is a busy wife and mom of 5 and after over 20 years as a small business owner, she is all about that entrepreneurial life! She has worked with many businesses, brands, and celebrities over the years and is humbled to do what she loves EVERY DAY! She most recently launched The Partypreneurs™ 101 SQUAD - her signature membership program inside the Partypreneurs School of Party Planning™ which brings all of her Partypreneurs™ 101 courses, products and coaching programs all under one roof at an affordable price so MORE women can follow in her footsteps of creating the business you love, making real money so you can create the lifestyle you want.

Tonya and I are friends from a past mastermind group. Recently, I watched (via Facebook) as her daughter teenage Faith stood up as an activist in her community, resulting in getting on the TODAY show. When Tonya and I talked about her coming on the show, I knew I wanted to ask her about Faith’s badassery. Prepare yourself - Faith’s story is going to blow you away!

Listen in to hear Tonya share:

  • How Faith was censored at school - and how she spoke up, stood up, and organized a protest to support Black history and denounce censorship
  • How Faith chose to show up after George Floyd’s death - resulting in getting on the Today show
  • Faith’s lesson to “just throw the rock” to start to create ripples of impact
  • How she cultivated confidence and built something from nothing by showing up as the person she wanted to become
  • Her motto around “don’t let the defeats define you”
  • Why it’s ok to turn a fun hobby into a business (it’s ok to make money doing fun things!)

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