473: 3 Ways To Use Your Voice as a Bridge To Impact


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Your voice is a gift and a tool. It is the bridge between your brilliance and your impact. To use it is to change the world. To quiet it is to withhold one of your biggest assets from the world.

The world needs your voice - because with your voice comes a perspective and a power that can shift how others see things. Your voice has the power to change minds and missions and policy. And when you use your voice you grant others permission to use theirs.

How will you use your voice in the remaining critical months of 2020?

Will you set firm boundaries with others so you can stop wasting your precious energy on those who do not deserve the best parts of you?

Will you start a podcast (yes, please) or a blog or a memoir?

Will you run for office or step into a leadership position in your community (YES, PLEASE)?

How will you build the bridge between your brilliance and your impact during this critical time?

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