478: Chelsea Stevenson: How To Embrace Your Identity, Your Art and Your Defiance


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Chelsea Stevenson is a professional henna artist, business strategist, and homeschooling mom of three based in Baltimore, MD. With a focus on brand positioning and sustainability, she teaches henna artists and other creative, niche service-based entrepreneurs how to build vibrant, profitable businesses doing what they love (and getting paid more for it!) through her brand, Hennapreneur. She believes above all things that there is power in the legacy we leave and that this legacy is built every single day. When she's not working with her clients and students, you can find her shamelessly indulging in a good Netflix binge or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen!

Chelsea and I are in a membership community for entrepreneurs. From her very first post in the group I knew I wanted to get to know her. She is so brilliant and funny and as real as they come. I know you’ll adore her as much as I do.

Listen in to hear Chelsea share:

  • What inspired her 30th birthday bucket list to really conscientiously enjoy the life she’s built
  • Why she chose to homeschool in order to honor her children’s identity and create a safe place for them to experience their identity without being othered
  • How she has embraced defiance and what that has looked like
  • Why she is building her own table instead of trying to find a seat at someone else’s
  • How she’s breaking cultural norms with her art and her work
  • Why she shifted her professional work from social work to henna artist with only $32 to her name
  • The truth about making money from your art
  • Her legacy around “excellence is not optional”
  • Why you need to share your art with the world (and charge real money for it)

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