480: Becky Mollenkamp: Self Forgiveness In The Wake Of Addiction and Infidelity


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Becky Mollenkamp is a certified coach who believes everyone deserves to feel powerful and fulfilled. She owned a six-figure content marketing agency for a dozen years before becoming a coach in 2017. Through her one-on-one services and courses, Becky has coached thousands of women to dream and play bigger, while also finding contentment in the here and now. Learn more about Becky at beckymollenkamp.com.

Becky joined me on the show to talk about how her life fell apart at the hands of her brother’s death from addiction and her own infidelity, and how she picked up all the pieces to rebuild a life that brings her simplicity, joy, and peace.

Listen in to hear Becky share:

  • How she looks on her brothers death from addiction with gratitude
  • How she came to forgive herself for her brothers death and for infidelity in her marriage
  • How she actively worked through the 12 steps of AA/NA to work through layers of forgiveness
  • How she rebuilt her life after everything fell apart and how she clarified what she wanted every step of the way
  • How you can make empowered choices without falling into the “should” trap
  • The contrast of her picture perfect (fancy) life that didn’t fulfill her vs her life today
  • How she gives herself permission to not love all the parts of parenting

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