482: Deborah Porter: Forgiveness and Naked Vulnerability


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Deborah Porter is the ultimate list maker, system creator, and investigator of anything that will make things run smoother at home and in life. From new mom to working mom to at home mom to empty nester, she's seen it all. Deborah has been married to her college sweetheart, Clif for 30 years and they have 3 adult children, Chanel (NY), Christian (NY), and Clif (DC). During the early years, she worked hard at not losing sight of her purpose and goals beyond motherhood. Having systems in place allowed her to make room for herself in every phase of life. Deborah believes that motherhood may be the only job you put your absolute all into, knowing that the goal is to work yourself out of that job and provide your children with all they need to successfully launch into their future. Deborah is a Mom Coach with Moms Mentoring Circle where we believe mothering doesn't have to happen alone.

Listen in to hear Deborah share:

  • The hope she is seeing in young during this cultural revolution - especially among her own adult children
  • What it was like to meet her father for the first time at age 21
  • Why she decided to forgive her father and the gifts that came of their relationship as a result
  • What is the biggest foe of forgiveness (naked vulnerability)
  • How you can lean into forgiveness to expand your perspective into order to move forward in your life
  • The 3 gifts you can give your kids to launch them into adulthood
  • The ultimate goal of parenting
  • The importance of collaboration over comparison
  • Her 2 powerful universal messages for moms

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