483: Be Bold & Brave In Order To BUILD


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I have to tell you something scary...

In September 2020, 865,000 women left the work force.

In September 2020, 216,000 men left the work force.

When women are leaving the work force at 4 times the rate of men, big things are bound to happen.

There will be fewer women in corporate leadership. There will be fewer female voices at board room tables and around any meeting tables. There will be fewer women to advocate for women's rights in the office. There will be fewer women to point out inequities across the board in corporate culture.

Let's be honest, the inequities work in men's favor, so it's unlikely they will highlight them and change them with fewer women at the office. I'm afraid it will be quite the opposite.

While this is scary - really scary - I also have a lot of hope.

Because I know that many of the women who walked away from traditional/corporate jobs in September are not ready to walk away from their power & purpose. They are just shifting it.

I predict a massive shift in the way women lead over the next few years. Instead of trying to hold space in someone else's company and live by someone else's rules that just don't fly if you're homeschooling/distance learning in a pandemic, we will see women build their own companies.



Listen in for inspiration to get bold & brave in order to BUILD.

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