484: Dr. Alexandra Owensby: Single Mom Running For Congress


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Dr. Alexandra Owensby is running for the Congressional seat in Kentucky's 4th district. In addition to that, she's working at her local hospital during the pandemic. After leaving an abusive marriage, Dr. Owensby put herself through nursing school as a full-time single mother of two, utilizing student loans. While working the night shift to make childcare more affordable, she was able to minimize time away from her children. After graduating and earning her RN S\status, Alexandra obtained a position as an ICU nurse. Though still struggling to make ends meet with a salary below $40,000.00 annually, she was able to make it with assistance from the Children’s Health Insurance Program, due to their zero-dollar co-pays for medicine, dental care, and clinic visits. Dr. Owensby believes strongly that this type of Healthcare is what all American families deserve access to. Alexandra’s journey through hardship and the American education system has inspired her to run for Congress as Kentucky’s 4th District Representative. She is not a politician born into money, nor is she a millionaire business owner looking to boost her image. Dr. Alexandra Owensby’s story is the spark that moves an average American citizen to ask for the opportunity to lead in a city where most do not.

Listen in to hear Alexandra share:

  • What inspired her to get involved in politics after being in the medical field
  • The unexpected gifts of running for political office (and why you should do it)
  • How moms are always dropping multiple balls and why it’s totally ok
  • Why being a single mom who put herself through school to get multiple degrees makes her uniquely qualified to be a congresswoman
  • How you can coach your kids to be more resilient during COVID

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