485: Kelly Rose: Turning It Up vs Toning It Down While Running For Senate


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As a mom, mentor, and voice for the community, Kelly takes pride in standing with those who are fighting for a better, more compassionate world.

Kelly and her husband Steve live on a farm in McDonough, GA with their two elementary age children, two horses, one pony, three donkeys, three dogs, and four cats. Their home is Kelly’s favorite place to spend time with any spare moment usually spent out in the barn visiting with her animals.

Together Steve and Kelly own and operate a successful local business, Studio 48, an acting studio on McDonough’s Square. Independently they each are still working in their longstanding careers in the television and film industry, Kelly as a Post Production Producer and Steve an actor.

In taking this step to run for Senate District 17, Kelly hopes she can inspire the next generation to get involved and prove that you do not need a specific background or look a certain way to take an active role in politics. Kelly believes that as laws are made for us it is now time to show everyone they can be made by us.

Listen in to hear Kelly share:

  • Why she decided to run for Senate after moving from CA to GA
  • The trigger around women’s rights that pushed her to go all in on her Senate run
  • The impact of her campaign and activism and hate mail on her family
  • How she handled it when her male colleague told her she should “tone it down” if she wanted to win
  • What it’s like to run for office as a progressive in a traditionally conservative district
  • How we can restore trust in politicians after such a massive erosion of trust over the last handful of years
  • How she’s allowing herself to take imperfect action while parenting and running for office

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