486: Being Connected vs Actually Connecting


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There is a huge difference between being connected and actually connecting.

Most of us are very connected. We are constantly tapped into social media, news outlets, our inboxes, TV shows, games & apps on our phone, and online shopping. So many opportunities to be connected each day, right?!

How are these connections making you feel?

Being connected in so many places and spaces that don’t allow for deep connection and vulnerability with other humans can leave us feeling drained, exhausted, frustrated, hopeless, powerless, depressed, and anxious. Being so constantly connected can instill self doubt, fear, and anger. Being constantly connected can feel so constricting.

On the other hand, actually connecting in deep and meaningful relationships feels restorative, regenerative, freeing and joy filled. Meaningful connecting can instill hope and power and gratitude. This feels expansive instead of constricting. Connecting positive impacts our physical, mental, and emotional health. YES!

Can you see the difference between being connected vs actually connecting? It’s pretty profound.

Listen in to learn how you can spend less time being connected and more time actually connecting.

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