487: Stefanie Wilder: Taylor How To Shamelessly Share Your Stories


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Stefanie Wilder-Taylor a Shameless Mom of 3, the author of 5 books, and the host of 3 podcasts. She has also been a stand up comic, a writer on various TV shows, and the host of the NickMom show, Parental Discretion. When she’s not hosting one of her 3 podcasts (For Crying Out Loud, Bored AF, and Rose Pricks), she’s teaching writing classes to people like ME!

Stefanie co-hosts her podcast For Crying Out Loud with Lynette Carolla. Their show was the first “parenting” podcast I ever listened to. I have not missed an episode in 5+ years. Stefanie and Lynette and so brilliant and so funny. Stefanie has been on my Dream Guest List for years, so I’m fired up to finally have her here with us.

Listen in to hear Stefanie share:

  • The power of writing and sharing your stories in order to own your truth and do your own therapy
  • How she managed postpartum life with Postpartum Depression and no mom friends/mom network
  • Why she decided to leave home at a young age to parent herself
  • How her worry about her child being depressed opened the door to her child coming out as transgender
  • How to decide what stories to tell and how to consider who you might offend
  • Why we might have to stop watching Real Housewives
  • Why you might want to consider being the parent who doesn’t email your kids’ teachers

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