488: It’s Ok If You’re Tired


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It’s ok if you’re tired.

Over the last I have had many conversations with clients and colleagues and loved ones who are just tired.

We are tired of being home with everyone everyday. We are tired of shifts and changes to job status. We are tired of constantly worrying about health and safety around COVID. We are tired of adapting to uncertainty and unpredictability. We are tired of distance learning (bless our teachers!). We are tired of having no personal time or personal space. We are tired of politics. We are tired of social media. We are tired of feeling disillusioned. We are tired of trying to just get through it.

The just get throughedness of 2020 is wiping us out, if we’re being honest.

I’m giving you permission to OWN & HONOR your fatigue.

You should feel tired. Bone tired.

But, in spite of your fatigue, you do have to keep going.

Listen in to hear 8 ways you can own, honor, and even recover a little from your fatigue.

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