489: Leslie Lyons: Ministry, Pole Dancing, and Reclamation


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Leslie Lyons is the Founder of Bombshell Movement Studio in Chicago, host of the Beyond the Pole: Tales from the CEO podcast, and a sales and leadership coach for female entrepreneurs. With a background in corporate sales, youth ministry (yes-she’s a Christian and the owner of a pole studio!), and as a leader for studio owners throughout the US, Leslie has spent her life pouring into women emotionally and spiritually. Now, more than ever, her dedication to helping entrepreneurial women lead with their heart and head is the exact type of leadership we need.

Listen in to hear Leslie share:

  • How she went from leadership in ministry work to running a six figure pole dancing studio
  • The overlap of ministry and pole dancing in terms of voice, power and reclamation
  • What it really means to create a values based community or organization
  • How she uses the Enneagram to highlight her gifts and skills in order to have the most impact in the world
  • Why it’s important to know your innate strengths and weaknesses in order to be a better leader
  • How women are disconnected from their own bodies and “dead to their bodies” and why this is dangerous
  • How to recognize our somatic reactions to notice when we’re aligned or out of alignment
  • The difference between responding and reacting and how to get better at responding
  • The importance of having pleasure practices

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