491: Lora Cheadle: Infidelity, Self Trust & Naked Self Worth


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Lora Cheadle is a transformational thought leader and media personality who empowers women to let go of judgment, overcome the need to please, express themselves fully, and find uninhibited success and joy every day. Using the five steps of FLAUNT! , she encourages others to take the lead in the dance of life despite any external circumstances. She is the author of the bestselling book FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self.

Lora came on the show to share an extremely vulnerable and powerful story around self trust and self worth. I know you’ll learn some really valuable lessons from her.

Listen in to hear Lora share:

  • The gifts of exposure in our world right now
  • The 5 steps of FLAUNT to find and maintain your center no matter what kind of chaos you’re living in
  • Her story of enduring infidelity when she found out her husband was unfaithful for 15 years with 5 different women
  • How to develop self trust in the face of your hardest moments
  • The intersection of being smart, sexy, and spiritual and why we’re uncomfortable with the intersection of these pieces of our identity
  • Her own intersection of being a lawyer, a minister, and a burlesque dancer
  • How flaunting ourselves help take down the patriarchy and break free from objectification
  • What is Naked Self Worth ™ and how it’s different and more powerful than tradition self worth/confidence

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