494: You Get To Choose


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At least once a week, I sit down to write a social media post and I want to start it with, “YOU GET TO CHOOSE.”

Every day, no matter where things stand with the world, we get to choose - so many things.

We get to choose how we show up.

We get to choose who we share our energy with.

We get to choose who gets the best pieces of us.

We get to choose how to honor ourselves.

We get to choose how to live out our core values.

We get to choose it all.

This year, more than ever, we have had the responsibility of big choices. In this episode, I share three really powerful examples of what you get to choose right now, as these seem to be popping up over and over in my life and in the lives of others in our community:

  1. You get to choose how you use social media
  2. You get to choose where you’re going professionally
  3. You get to choose how you see your life and your life story

Listen in to get inspired and fired up about the choices you get to make today and #everydamnday.

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