495: Gail Keyes Allen: From Poverty To Abundance In Life & Mindset


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Gail Keyes Allen is an Accountant, a Life & Money Mindset Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur. She is the host of the Midlife Moneymaker Podcast, a podcast for multi-passionate women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond who want to transform their relationship with their money and their life. Her coaching is centered around helping women discover their limiting beliefs and take them on a journey to transform their money mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Listen in to hear Gail share:

  • How she is co grandparenting with her ex-husband
  • Her hero’s journey from poverty to abundance
  • Having her daughter at 26 weeks - as a 2lb preemie
  • How she helps women see their financial potential and overcome money mindset blocks
  • How you can use thought work to grow your abundance mindset
  • The intersection of money, race, and age
  • How to check in on your relationship with money (do you have a booty call relationship with money or a committed relationship with money)
  • How society trips up our financial perspective and money mindset
  • How motherhood has made her a resilient businesswoman

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