498: The Truth About Procrastination & Perfectionism


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There are all sorts of stories that people will tell you about procrastinators. They are lazy and lack motivation. They are ill prepared and unqualified. They just don’t have what it takes. They don’t have their shit together.

If you’re someone who struggles with procrastination, perhaps these are the things you say about yourself? You wouldn’t be alone…

The truth is that procrastination is commonly a form of perfectionism.

Many people procrastinate because they are paralyzed by the fear of doing something wrong, making a mistake, looking foolish, not being good enough, and being stuck in analysis paralysis. This makes them feel guilty and weak and like they are not enough. This creates feelings of dread and worry and massive self doubt.

Relatable much???

Many (most?) women struggle with perfectionism because we have been conditioned to believe we must show up a certain way, on certain terms, within certain parameters. The specificity around what is acceptable and what is not is a fine line drawn with a Sharpie.

Listen in to learn more about why procrastination is not a bad thing, how to use it to your advantage, and how to release yourself from the perfectionism that comes from procrastination.

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