499: Meredith Atwood: Addiction, Abstinence, Nonsense & Truth Onions


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Meredith Atwood is a former attorney, podcaster and motivational speaker, and 4x IRONMAN triathlete. She is the author of the best-selling triathlon book, Triathlon for the Every Woman, and the new book, The Year of No Nonsense. She’s the host of the iTunes Top 50 fitness podcast, “The Same 24 Hours.” She has been featured in The Boston Globe, The New York Post, the Seattle Times, and dozens of online publications. Meredith is a contributing writer to Psychology Today online, Triathlete Magazine, and Women’s Running. She is a sobriety advocate, and the founder of Grateful Sobriety. She is a USA Weightlifting Level II, USA Triathlon Level I, and Precision Nutrition Level I Coach. She is originally from Georgia and lives in the burbs of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two tweens.

Listen in to hear Meredith share:

  • Her spark moment in a spin class that changed everything in her head and opened her eyes to totally new layers of potential within herself
  • Her experience doing her first triathlon - in an overweight body
  • How she used triathlons and Ironmans to try and prove she was healthy when she was truly unhealthy
  • What caused her to give up a 2 bottle a day wine habit
  • Why she identifies as an addict and how she negotiates moderation and abstinence in different areas of her life
  • How she defines Nonsense and how this concept shaped her life
  • How to open up your Truth Onion in order to find freedom and liberation and escape a lot of your own self inflicted oppression
  • What real leadership looks like in these days of influencer culture
  • The dangers of marketers who present themselves as leaders and take no accountability for the harm they do online

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