500: 5 Reasons To Keep Showing Up


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Holy cow. 500 episodes. 500!!!

Part of me wants to be all exasperated, “How did that even happen? How did we get here???”

But that would diminish what I know to be true.

500 episodes of The Shameless Mom Academy happened because I chose to show up - ALL THE WAY UP - 500 times.

I have shown up full of joy and hope.

I have shown up with a broken heart, in a puddle of tears.

I have shown up to teach and coach and listen and learn and share and apologize and cry and push myself and push you and model leadership and celebrate.

I have shown up on some of the best days of my life and some of the worst days of my life.

I didn’t get to 500 episodes on accident. I got here on purpose.

I worked hard to get here.

Just like I encourage all of you to do, I’m going to own the heck out of this accomplishment.

Most podcasts don’t make it past 14 episodes.

And here we are.

500 episodes.

Your legacy is built on how you choose to show up over time.

These 500 episodes are a massive part of my legacy.

I have learned so much about the power of showing up over the last 500 episodes. I have learned exactly why it matters, exactly how it can change your life, and exactly how it can open big huge doors to your future.

Listen in to get really inspired and totally FIRED UP to keep showing up for your life and your dreams.

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