503: Leslie Tagorda: How To Use Astrology To Amplify Your Voice and Your Gifts


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Leslie Tagorda is a multiracial, brand astrologer, designer, podcast host, and author. An Aquarius boss woman and Human Design Projector, she calls herself a Brand Navigator as she guides spiritual entrepreneurs, social impact makers, and visionaries to become the luminary leaders they are born to be using an innovative system of empowered brand and biz astrology called The AstroBrand™ Framework.

Since 2004 Leslie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and social impact organizations clarify their brand so they can stop hiding and contribute their expertise in the world through their websites, social media, and brands.

Leslie hosts a podcast and Facebook community The Savvy Luminary – Astrology for Entrepreneurs. And while you might think this sounds too woo woo for you, I invite you to listen in to all the really practical ways you can use astrology to greatly amplify your voice and your gifts in the world.

Listen in to hear Leslie dig into:

  • Acknowledgment that we have all lost something and we’re all grieving something right now
  • The rise and power of female leaders and spiritual leaders in 2020
  • Her accidental entrance into motherhood and grieving her pre motherhood life
  • How her multi cultural family lead her on a spiritual path to discover astrology - and then turn it into a career later in life
  • How to amplify your energy and your gifts by understanding your astrological birth chart
  • Why the massive energy around change, shift, and growth in 2020 is totally real and part of an expansion that only happens every 800 years
  • How this big shift applies directly to you and your ability to overcome self limiting beliefs in the near future
  • The reading of my actual birth chart
  • How having your birth chart read can affirm and validate your direction in life and career

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