505: Kelly Altman: Quitting Dieting To Be A Better Leader


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Kelly Altman is a certified health coach, a fitness business owner and a Shameless Mom to 4 kids, ages 2-14. Growing up overweight and lacking energy she fell in love with exercise and the way it made her feel in her 20's and became an entrepreneur by "accident" when she and her husband, Jay, started a fitness business in 2010.

After taking a back seat to the business when her 3rd child was born it was only then that she started to realize how much of her own thoughts, feelings, and desires were taking a back seat in so many aspects of her life. She knew something had to change when her physical and mental health were suffering and she was ready to play by her own 'rules' - including stopping the endless cycle of 'on and off' again dieting that had manifested when she became the face of a fitness business.

She became a health coach to help busy women see that in their life there is nothing more important than their physical and mental health and that they can put themselves first even when they need and want to show up for everyone else.

Through her one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and her new on-line course she helps women upgrade their lifestyle by forming their own rules around eating, exercise, and their daily habits so they can gain the energy and confidence they desire.

Listen in to hear Kelly share:

  • The impact of moving 13 times in her childhood and how it built her resiliency
  • Her compromise to work at a job she didn’t like to keep medical benefits for her daughter’s health condition
  • How she left corporate in order to help her husband grow their fitness business
  • How diet culture damaged her - while she was selling diet programs
  • How her dieting compromised her fertility
  • Her shift from following other’s lead to become a leader in her own right
  • How she asked her husband for support and not permission in her building her own dreams
  • The gift of COVID - How she has totally shifted her business to position herself as a leader and be in total alignment with her core values
  • The most important thing you can do to make change
  • How to put yourself first - even with a ton of people counting on you

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