506: What If 2020 Wasn’t A Dumpster Fire?


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What if 2020 wasn’t just a dumpster fire?

What if, instead, 2020 was the year you:

Built better boundaries

Got clear on what really matters

Learned to sit in hard feelings

Worked on your most intimate relationships

Got to know your kids better

Pushed yourself to stretch in new uncomfortable ways

Became a million times more adaptable

Decided your voice had value

Said good bye to relationships and circumstances that were no longer serving you

Found joy in ridiculously small things

Learned to laugh at yourself

Tried scary new things and didn’t die

Stood up for your core values - even around those who disagreed

Gained clarity on who you are becoming and who you want in your corner

What if 2020, in spite of it’s pain and grief, was a year of massive growth and life changing accomplishments?

As you prepare to close the door on 2020 and open the door to 2021, I invite you to think about what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind.

What if you left behind self doubt, over doing, over consuming, allll the noise, and ignorance & idleness?

What if you took with you hope, power, patience, ease, adaptability, self trust, boundaries, empathy, and your voice?

While we cannot flip a switch and heal the messes of 2020, we can step into 2021 realizing the potential that lies ahead - and the responsibility we have to meet that potential. Listen in to squash your dumpster fire and find some beautiful remains.

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