512: 10 Ways to Honor MLK Day With Your Family


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As we continue to see white supremacy reign here in the US, it’s critically important to pause and reflect on where we have come from, how we can do better, and how we can talk to our kids about it all.

I am not a race educator, but I will point you to some excellent people and resources in this episode from whom you can learn on an ongoing basis.

I am showing up for this conversation because, while I want you to be learning about race from people other than middle class white ladies (me!), I want to share some things that we have been doing in our family to educate our 8-year-old while also taking big responsibility for our commitment to our own anti racism journeys.

My intentions in this episode are 3 pronged:

  1. To share resources
  2. To invite you into longer term commitments in your anti racism journey
  3. To push pause to reflect on the importance of carrying out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy

Please note all the resources below as you continue to listen and learn and take action.

Links mentioned:

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