Episode 54: Shazam! - "The Sound of a Different Drummer"


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Shazam!"The Sound of aDifferent Drummer"October 9, 1976

Curtis is a young man blessed with great shortstop skills in baseball, but he prefers to focus his practice time on being a violinist. His teammates have other ideas and will stop at nothing to get him to play in an important game. Will Billy, Mentor, Captain Marvel, and Maury Wills himself be able to make this situation right?

It's the penultimate episode of the Shazam! series as John and Richard discuss the waning years (in John's opinion) of baseball, the missed potential in the cat, Polecat, and which actor the Mego Shazam! figure looks like.

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Moral: “Billy: Maury Wills is one of the most respected men in baseball, not just because he was a great player, mostly because he respects others. You know, in some ways, all of us are different, but in one way we're all alike. We all want people to like and to respect us. Maury Wills: That's right, Billy. And the way to bring that about is to treat others as you would like them to treat you. It's called, do unto others and it means, if you give respect, you'll get it back."

Guest Cast

Eric Laneuville as Curtis

Benny Medina as Dennis

David Doremus as Jerry

Lenore Kingston as Adele Sauber

Ed Fury as Guard


Maury Wills as Maury Wills

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