Episode 51: ISIS - "The Class Clown"


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Isis "The Class Clown" September 25, 1976

​Isis tries to convince a young man that while his practical jokes may be humorous and have no malicious intent, they can lead to disaster.

We have to ask, didn't we cover this story in the last season? And didn't the previous story, "Funny Gal" do it better? John and Richard sit down to discuss what is a technically proficient story that hits all the beats, but in the end feels like a retread of themes from the previous season. In addition, they also talk about the unlikability of the guest character.

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​Moral: "Practical jokes may have no harmful intent, but when not thought out can lead to disaster."

Guest Cast

Alvin Kupperman as Rudy

David Cole as Stanley


Albert Reed as Dr. Barnes

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