Dr Marvin Singh on Gastroenterology, the Digestive System and Acid Reflux


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Welcome to The Shift expert series with naturopath, nutritionist and author Katherine Maslen as she explores the state of human health, the dysfunction of the health industry and provides people with the tools, knowledge and understanding to make the shift in their lives.

In the expert series of The Shift, Katherine explores deeper conversations with the world leaders featured in season one, the investigative docu-series on the gut. If you want to make the shift towards more informed decisions regarding better health, then this podcast is for you.

Dr Marvin Singh is an integrative gastroenterologist based in California and is regarded as America’s premier wellness concierge. Marvin is the first physician in California to be Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in addition to being a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine.

Through his own personal health journey, Dr Marvin has become a passionate advocate for wellness, health and longevity. He continues to spread his knowledge around gut health and integrative medicine by appearing on various US television programs and podcasts, and also features heavily in season 1 of The Shift docu-series. He is the co-author of the textbook Integrative Environmental Medicine, a contributor for MBG and other publications and an expert when it comes to the gastrointestinal tract, health and wellness.

In this episode Katherine and Dr Marvin Singh explore:

  • What drew Dr Singh to become an M.D. and ultimately a gastroenterologist
  • The gastroenterologist’s role in medicine and what shaped Dr Marvins decisions to approach integrative medicine
  • The rapidly evolving field of the Microbiome
  • The impact of bariatric weight loss surgeries
  • Food intolerances and gut health symptoms to be aware of
  • Why stomach acid is vital to a healthy digestive system
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases and the causes of the condition
  • Knowledge around the digestive system and how to improve it
  • Helping people to understand their bodies and what's happening on the inside
  • Dr Marvins philosophies and advice on making the shift


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