New Cases Approach Record Highs As Virus Surges In 33 States


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The United States deaths near 133,000. New coronavirus cases approach record highs as virus surges in 33 states. California hits record single day number of covid deaths, with 149 deaths. Positivity rate is above 18 percent in Florida as cases and deaths hit record high. Officials push back against plans to reopen Florida schools. Nashville schools delay the restart of in-person learning. Texas hots records for deaths and hospitalizations. Arizona leads the United States in new coronavirus cases per capita. The New York City mayor cancels large events through September. The New York City mayor also speaks on spike in violent crime.

Fauci says "I don't think you can say we're doing great... we're just not." He also says transmissibility of covid-19 is a "perfect storm." Fauci says the prospect of another lockdown is "very discouraging."

Trump claims children's immune system is "so powerful, so strong," pushes to reopen schools. CDC director says there will be no revision to school reopening guidelines despite Pence's promise and Trump's attack.

Trump again falsely claims an increase in testing is responsible for surging new coronavirus cases.

Weekly jobless claims rise by 1.3 million in the United States. Supreme Court rules against Trump on tax records.

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