Trump Chooses Not To Wear Mask During Ford Tour


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A new model is predicting case spikes in some states that reopened early, especially states in the south, as the current United States coronavirus death toll surpasses 93,000. Alongside the death rate, the rate of new coronavirus cases are up in 17 states, down in 12 states and steady in 21 states. Physician Anthony Fauci warns "now is not the time to tempt fate" concerning coronavirus. Another model suggests that the United States would have prevented 36,000 deaths if officials had acted a week earlier.

The Census Bureau reports that 47 percent of households lost employment income amid coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel discusses with Wolf Blitzer how Trump is breaking state law after he refuses to wear a mask during public Ford plant tour. Nessel says that Trump shows that he doesn't care about state residents by not wearing a mask. Trump says the reason he refused to wear a mask is because he didn't want to give the press "the pleasure" of seeing him in one. However, Trump says he wore a mask during an off-camera tour.

Amid some speculation, Trump says he won't replace CDC Director Robert Redfield. Redfield warns of second wave of coronavirus.

Brazil sees its biggest single-day spike in new cases.

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