U.S. coronavirus cases top 305,000; death toll passes 8,200, Trump: captain's letter warning of ship outbreak "not appropriate", Trump continues to tout use of unproven drug


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Trump accuses governors of playing political games with ventilators, NY governor: state could hit apex of new cases in next 7 days, Cuomo: not looking to spend a penny we didn't have to spend, NY mayor: we could have 5,000 people on ventilators next week, NY mayor calls for "national enlistment of medical personnel", NYC mayor: we may need 45,000 doctors to get through this crisis, NYC mayor: we need to add 60,000 hospital beds in next month, Dr. Birx: "This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store", Grocery rush leaves many shelves bare for low-income families, Thousands of doctors respond to Italy's call for help, Pregnant girlfriend of UK PM says she has coronavirus symptoms

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