Wearing A Mask Is A Symbol Of What You Should Be Doing


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As of today, new cases for coronavirus are trending up in 14 states, down in 19 and steady in 17 states. Locations of the trending up states include Arkansas, Alabama and West Virginia. Dr. Fauci says the country could see and uptick in cases as states reopen and effects may not be seen for several weeks. California becomes the fourth state with more than 100,000 coronavirus cases.

Long Island reopens, while New York City remains the only region in the state not included.

Caesars Palace to reopen June 4 and SeaWorld will reopen June 11. Disney World will reopen July 11.

Along with saying wearing a mask is a symbol of what you should be doing, Dr. Fauci said it's "quite evident" hydrochloroquine is not effective against coronavirus. He also said that you should wear a mask to "protect each other" and he warns that gathering in large crowds and asking for trouble. The White House press secretary voted by mail 11 times in 19 years.

A historic NASA/SpaceX launch is scrubbed due to weather, as the United States coronavirus death toll reaches 100,000. Trump tweets attacks, threats and conspiracies as the death toll increases in number.

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