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Today, we discuss Intellectual Property in the context of increasing the value of your Amazon business . We talk about copyright protection, design patents, and utility patents, clarifying that while copyright technically exists immediately after creation, it is worth the effort to officially attach intellectual property to your products to make them defendable. We talk about how this applies to the increase of sales in puzzles we’ve seen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also discuss how to create successful content referencing million dollar industries without infringing on copyright.
Protect and Benefit From Your Design, Creation or Product 0:46
The Example of Our Puzzles 7:21
Riding The Wave of Million Dollar Industries 11:41
“I really like the idea -- we are launching some of our own products -- to always attach and add some intellectual property that makes it defendable, because we’ll be able to remove counterfeit or inauthentic products much easier.” 6:58
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