Casey Houlihan from Trout Steak Revival


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We've been following the career of Trout Steak Revival for quite some time, and while they've gone through some personnel changes and the like, as all bands do, the band has matured a great deal through their five records. What has remained constant though for this string band is their insistence to keep true to the bluegrass tradition, while branching out into other similar genres like Americana and folk. The Light We Bring sparks a new set of circumstances for the band, and their sound is one I dig a lot. So we caught up with Casey Houlihan the bass player in the band to get his take on the new record and much more. For more on Trout Steak Revival including tour dates, visit

First Song: 01:01 - The Heart Wants

Interview Begins: 04:22

Extro Song: 27:51 - The Way it Moves

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