The SpellCast: Sunset Grid - Track 1: Cloud 9 Cruise Lines


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The SpellCast brings you epic Retroverse action from the Lasers & Liches supplement for 5E D&D in the form of a new series of one-shots: Sunset Grid!

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Our party finds themselves relaxing on a fancy Skyliner(TM), the Golden Nimbus of the Skies, when they are beset by the aerial navy of the Socialist Steam Republic of Slomannyy! Dogfights and deeds of daring-do await!

Cast: Adam G. Brooks (Dungeon Master), Kelsey Hogan (Stay-C), Allison Stock (Wrat), Braeden Tuttle (Sparky), Charlotte Raines (Relena Bentley), and Mike Vides (Gary Alt+F4)!

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Systems & Supplements! Below is a list of systems and supplements (in addition to core 5th Edition D&D) we are using for the setting or mechanical elements of tonight's one-shot!

Lasers & Liches:

Star Wars 5e:

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