Every Kenner Star Wars item released in 1977: The SWCA Podcast, Blog Log Pod Episode 16


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BOMBSHELL alert! There is a new never-before-known-about Kenner display in this podcast. Ron takes Skye and Steve on a tour through the early, early history of Kenner’s merchandising involvement with Star Wars. What was available in Christmas 77? Table of Contents: 3:15 Was Kenner stupid and lazy in ’77? 6:56 The Early Bird Controversy 11:57 Scholastic News Explorer? 17:58 Escape from Death Star Game 24:38 Kenner Painting Sets 28:39 Store Display Mania! 36:19 Conceptual Rendering of Displays 38:43 Never before known displays Bombshell! 45:07 Market Watch? 8x10s sold on Facebook 49:02 The Foley’s Store Display 50:13 Early Bird Display

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