History of US Gun Control (Part 4)


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This episode is a continuation of our discussion of the history of gun control in the United States. Part 4 covers the Gun Control Act of 1968 from a different angle than Part 3, and we also talk about the societal and cultural climate of the 1960s and 70s, to see if we can tease out factors that caused people to demand gun control (if what the mainstream says is correct). We also talk about the Cincinnati Revolt in 1977, marking the NRA's transformation into a pro-gun rights lobby. We also go over some state gun control efforts, federal bills to ban handguns, the fact and fiction of Saturday Night Specials, and the rise of anti-gun lobbying groups like the Coalition to Ban Handguns (it's still around) and Handgun Control Inc, which would eventually morph into the Brady Campaign.


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