The Root of America's Modern Problems


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Matt brings on friend of the show Pat Watson from Uncensored Tactical to discuss the biggest problem plaguing Americans today. It's not thieving, corrupt government. It's not bloodsucking corporations. It's not the police state, or tech censorship, nor is it the Fed. These are all HUGE problems, to be sure, but they all stem from one thing. A failure of leadership, on the personal level.

What is personal leadership? It's taking personal responsibility for your own life, and instead of asking "Why won't somebody fix X" or "It's X person's fault", the self-leader asks "What can I do to overcome this problem?"

This country was intended to be ran by people who were leaders in their own lives. "Self-government", as the founders envisioned, requires self-leadership. We, the individual people, were supposed to be the sentinels of our liberties. However, Americans have abdicated that responsibility, and instead have decided to follow false leaders, like politicians and celebrities. Matt and Pat discuss some of the ways that has manifested itself, like in parenting and college debt. Matt also talks some about his personal story, which is both a story of colossal failure of personal leadership and a story of an individual deciding once again to be a leader in his own life.

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