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While it may take a true boot geek to realize it, Indonesian bootmakers create some of the best values in handwelted footwear—and at their best, they are truly beautiful sights to behold.
But how do you navigate Indonesia's dozens of bootmakers? Who to go with? How to order? What are they charging? Ben from @stitchdown and @tichoblancoshoes go deep on Indonesian boot culture and how it arose, plus the makers you should be considering. And like in every episode, your questions about shoes and boots, leather, care, and more are all answered with disturbing accuracy, in the Shoe Bag.
Indonesian Shoe and Bootmakers mentioned in this episode:
Onderhoud Handmade
Benzein Shoes
Sagara Bootmaker
Txture Shoe & Bootmaker
Winson Shoemaker
Junkard Co. Boots
Prof Barnets
Renav Goods Company
Kabayz Company
Hidalgo Boots
Monroe Heritage
Panama Heritage
Tahura Boots Company
Hidalgo Boots
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