How A Proprietary Process Transformed Daniel Lamb's Business


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On today’s episode, I am talking to Daniel Lamb. Daniel Lamb is the founder of Holland Creative, a content marketing, and copywriting agency. He helps people create content-driven funnels that make a big impact on their business. We are going to talk about how Daniel works with his clients today, but there is also a little extra magic happening on this episode.

In This Episode:

  • A proprietary process is so foundational to the rest of your communication and your strategy. Once you have your process in place then everything else becomes much simpler.
  • We have to start by having an honest conversation about goals and budgets. Without a sense of where we want to go and how we want to get there, we can’t come up with a robust offer.
  • The client wants you to show up, be an expert, and tell them what to do. Business owners have a lot on their plates and marketing is just a small piece.
  • And so much more!

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