112: IBM Vice President & Senior Partner, North American Talent & Transformation Leader, Victoria Pelletier


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Let us introduce you to a recognized expert in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, HR/Talent, career change and growth.

Victoria Pelletier is an IBM Vice President & Senior Partner, North American Talent & Transformation Leader. She is one of those rare, impactful speakers who you hear once, and remember. She brings her authenticity, her passion, and her smarts, in a way that connects, resonates, and moves the audience. She is recognized across North America as a dynamic, captivating keynote speaker, published author and dynamic executive. Her own story of overcoming unspeakable odds to live a life of no excuses is both moving, and incredibly inspiring.

Victoria is a recognized leader in her industry, having won multiple awards, including the 2019 HSBC Diversity & Inclusion in Finance & technology Award and most recently, the 2020 Mentor of the Year from the Canadian Women in Communications & Technology organization. She has been featured in many podcasts, conferences and events, including Generation Now (Gary Vaynerchuk as Keynote), Fearless Women Podcast, Canada's Podcast, CBC National Television - Weekend Business Panel, Women Talk Tech, multiple IBM and other technology conferences and many more.

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