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What would it look like to approach your days courageously and step out of auto-pilot? Episode 17 is about facing your fears by rethinking your mindset, inviting inspiration back into your life, and creating a life of abundant courage. This episode is for anyone who wants to quit being ruled by her fear and to grow into her strength and agency as a woman and mother. Read on for more. Notes from the episode:
  • Joseph, the band and new album “Good Luck, Kid”
  • Your brain is on auto-pilot. By the time you’re 35, 95% of your thoughts create automatic actions and you have about 5% of your conscious brain to create a new path.
  • What would being courageous look like in your life? To feel like you have agency over your days and you can create a path for yourself and your family that excites you and brings you more joy?
  • Every day, wake up and ask yourself, “What thought do I need to hold about today to be successful?”
  • What inspires you to take action? To feel that bubble of excitement in your stomach and a lightness in your heart?
  • 3 ways I invite inspiration into my life:
    • vision board
    • surround myself with inspiring friends and a life coach
    • read motivating and challenging books and podcasts
  • Make yourself a list of things you want to try but you’ve been too scared to. Then start doing 1 thing a week that terrifies you. Do the mindset work beforehand to make sure you’re ready and won’t chicken out. Surround yourself with inspiration and then go for it. The more you do things that scare you, the greater in abundance your courage will grow.
  • You are braver than you think and stronger than your fears. Your fears do not own you or decide your life for you, you do.
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