178. Are Minimalist Shoes For You? Xero Shoes CEO Steven Sashen on the Promises of Minimalism


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Steven Sashen is a Master’s All-American sprinter and one of the fastest sprinters over 50 in the United States. He’s a former All-American gymnast, a professional stand-up comic, a cognitive psychology researcher, and he previously tought Tai Chi and Zen Archery.

Steven has quite the background which is probably needed for starting a successful company in one of the most competitive industries in the world: footwear. He's now the cofounder and CEO of Xero Shoes.

We’re going to talk about the beginnings of Xero Shoes, the benefits of minimalism, how to transition, plus feature a whole host of questions from members of Team Strength Running, our group coaching program. If you’d like to impact future podcast episodes, you can learn more about the team at strengthrunning.com/join/

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