How Rose de Rossi co-built a successful and respected sub-ag group


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Many a broker has ventured into the 1-to-many business model, but they don’t all come out alive.

In this interview, Rose de Rossi shares how, in collaboration with her business partner Tracey Lea Gilbert, they have built a successful sub-aggregation group that expands their impact and grows their bottom line.

And they aren’t done just yet.

As Rose candidly admits, they’re very much in a growth phase and looking to bring on more brokers on the west coast, and in the east.

Moreover, in the conversation with Rose, topics we touch on include:

  • Proactive means to manage communication and relationships with a business partner
  • Standards of minimum performance and expectations their broker
  • Strategies to optimising deal submission in the new BID environment
  • Protecting and respecting your personal time so that you can enjoy the journey, not just the destination

If you would like to reach out and continue the conversation with Rose, you can email her, call on on 0411 181 938, or connect on Facebook.

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