From Traditional To Modern Law: Running A Profitable And Successful Practice With Billie Tarascio


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Many lawyers tend to be very traditional and structured. However, with the changes of our time, it helps to consider whether the traditional models we operate from are serving our clients and us better or preventing us from doing so. Billie Tarascio is someone who has definitely moved past the traditional model. In this episode, she sits down with host Larry Weinstein to talk about that transformation journey and how she is now helping other lawyers do the same as well. Billie works in the area of Family Law. She is the co-author of the book, Tiger Tactics, and the founder of Modern Law, I Do Over, and Modern Law Practice, a consulting firm that essentially outsources the business model of modern law. She shares with us the progressive model and systems that allow her to provide people more access to justice with affordable legal services, discussing further her online courses and documentation software. Follow along in this great discussion to learn how to run a profitable and successful practice and have happier clients.

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